ERISA Best Practices - RIMS Presentation on April 28

Dr. Susan Mangiero, CEO of Investment Governance, Inc., is pleased to join a panel of experts as part of the upcoming RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society) 2010 conference in Boston on April 28. Entitled "Coping Mechanisms: ERISA Best Practices," other speakers include Ms. Pamela Britt Schneider (Director, Global Risk Management - Avon Products, Inc.), Ms. Rhonda Prussack (Executive Vice President and Product Manager, Fiduciary Liability Insurance - Chartis U.S.) and Rene E. Thorne (Partner/Resident Manager, Jackson Lewis). The program description is provided below.

Learn how to best to protect directors and officers in the event of plan-related litigation in this critical era of new litigation theories, legislation and aggressive enforcement. Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) litigation has spiked in the last year, spurred by plan investment losses, mass layoffs, benefit cutbacks and an invigorated plaintiff’s bar. New types of litigation, such as suits related to qualified default investments in 401(k) plans, are on the upswing. At the same time, leadership at the Department of Labor is spurring new enforcement strategies. Join this panel discussion of methods to avoid litigation and establish a record of procedural prudence, a critically important component in the defense of any ERISA litigation.

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